Trump VS Biden : Will The Election Affect The Global Stock Market And The Economy In 2021

History of the US President. Superpower Country
  1. Trump will carry on Cold War Volume II with China thus making it difficult for China to grow.
  2. One of Trump’s main agendas was to turn down China.
  3. Even last week the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo conducted an anti-China tour to 5 countries in Asia, one of which is Indonesia, to provoke these countries to be careful with China.
  4. Trump is adopting bilateral agreements in cooperation with countries. This makes cooperation between the two countries tends to benefit the US, which has much greater bargaining power because it is a superpower country.
  1. Biden is a leftist who adopts socialism. Under Biden Presidency, it is possible that a bigger stimulus will be issued again to provide social protection to mid to low income people affected by Covid-19.
  2. Biden is a pro green energy and believer of climate change. These sectors will grow rapidly throughout the world if Biden is elected.
  3. Biden is more inclined to adopt multilateral agreements with many countries around the world, so that a win-win global trade concept will occur.



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Darwin Limz

Darwin Limz


My writing is about My life journey from miserable to Significant. I hope my unique story inspires, educate & informs others! Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, Actor