The Real Crash: What is Warren Buffett Trying To Tell Us?

Warren Buffett is quoted as saying “…I would say that gold would be way down on my list as a store of value…” So what does Warren Buffett’s recent move to buy Barrick Gold mean?

In addition to making a move into a gold mining company, Buffett also quietly dumped airline and bank stocks back in April 2020. Peter Schiff, the Chief Economist & Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, shares his perspective into why Warren Buffett is making these moves, what a crashing dollar will do to the average consumer, and he makes his predictions for whether the U.S. will see inflation or deflation.

What Peter said was inflation or hyper inflation is about going to happen and that’s why Buffett put half of his money on stocks. It happened in the past after the great recession. Hyper inflation was happening at that time and made a lot of companies went bankrupt. Because food, veggies, and other needs price will raise and cash is going to be trash.

Everything is going to be expensive once we are in hyper inflation. You can imagine how scary it is once that happen.

The only thing we can do is buy gold and silver. Why? Because Gold and silver is God money. And it will always going up and up. That was from my perspective.

Do you think the reason Buffett dumped his money to stocks is because hyper inflation or hyper deflation going to happen?

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