Story of Sanawi, Construction Worker, Who Did Not Graduate From Elementary School. Succeeded in Becoming Entrepreneurs With A Turnover of 1,5 Millions/Month

School doesn’t define your success.

A Guy from Blora, Central of Java, who only did his grade 1 elementary school and long been a construction worker, now succeed become Ice Cream Skipper with turnover 1.5 Millions per month in Banjarmasin, South Borneo.

Don’t want to stay in poverty, the 16 years old Sanawi determined to try his luck in Jakarta. With his neighbour, he left with $7 from selling cassava. Unfortunately, after arrived in Terminal Pulogadung, his neighbour left him. He was forced to return to his hometown.

in 2006, with his project friends, Sanawi went to Samarinda, South Borneo. In this city, he still became construction worker. After wandering a year, he didn’t feel any improvement in income. “I think to find an additional income is to sell ice cream” He said. With the money he borrowed from his friend $60.

From there, his business increase rapidly. In 3 years becoming a ice cream distributor. In 2010, Sanawi has 400 retailer that he called mitra. Now, he has 700 mitras served through 27 sub-distributor of his ice cream and the results of partnership.

The success of developing various business doesn’t make Sanawi feel that he has reached the pinnacle of success. He deemed, this success cannot be separated from efforts to overcome challenges, including the limitations he has.

One of the most difficult challenges when Sanawi started to develop a business was administration. He admits that he is afraid to be confronted with a stamped letter. Understandably, in the container rental service business, he inevitably has to deal with letters of agreement, whether leasing or purchasing.

If you want to be successful, there are 4 keys: EHFC

Effort, Harmony, Faith and Confidence.

But, we still have to accept other people’s input. He said



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Darwin Limz

Darwin Limz

My writing is about My life journey from miserable to Significant. I hope my unique story inspires, educate & informs others! Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, Actor