Indonesia Back To Lockdown (Second Wave)

Because of the case on daily basis growing significantly, Indonesia Government announce that Indonesia will back to lockdown like 2 months before (second wave). The lockdown will start on 14 September 2020.

Cases in Indonesia are growing day by day and creates anxiety to people. People are scare to the virus and because of that their mentality become weak. They are not sick physically and because they think they going to get the virus and the virus can kill everyone got affected.

If the virus are totally dangerous, your neighbourhood will die everyday. The thing is they are not. It is normal for people who are sick to go to hospital. That’s what hospital for. Doesn’t mean someone got the virus in his/her body will die. They are just in process of adaptation to the virus. Once his/her body adapted to the virus, his/her body will become much more stronger than before.

So learn from the people who got cured from the virus not learn from the people who don’t know much about the virus but they are already scare first.

Mentality is very important in this situation. Remember, what you thinks you become or attract. So it is better for you to think positively and focus on what you do rather than the virus.

My message for you all is to think positively and do what you need to do. Whether it is a work, exercise, or any activity that you need to do, go for it. Don’t let the virus stop you and makes you stress out in your home. But with the protocol that the government gave. Doesn’t mean you are free to do anything like party.

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Darwin Limz

Darwin Limz

My writing is about My life journey from miserable to Significant. I hope my unique story inspires, educate & informs others! Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, Actor