How To Make 1 Million Dollar in 2 Hours as A Salesperson

Darwin Limz
2 min readOct 29, 2020


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Is it possible? Let’s find out!

All I seem to see here is illegal activity. No need for that.
All you need to do is sell a $17 item every day to 10,000 people over a 6 day period, allowing 1 day to figure out what to sell and set up your ad campaigns. If you run short on day one, you have several days to catch up.
Do the math. It is not that hard.

I’ll tell you what. I sell services on at net around $17 each transaction. If you can send me 10,000 customers per day that order services, I will split that $17 net per transaction with you, over a 2 week period. You will then have that $1 Million. Bring me 20,000 customers a day that buy and you will have that $1 Million in 1 week, like you requested.

You probably need to email 1 million people a day to get 20k transactions, but it is very doable. Cost to email would be around $1,500, using sendgrid. You also need to be a good copywriter to get those emails to convert, but it IS doable.

So how can I make 1 Million Dollar within 2 hours of work?

The answer is simple: Sell the 1 Million Dollar product or service. If you have the ability to sell and persuade, you can sell anything you want to sell. It doesn’t matter if the products or services are high ticket or low ticket.

How I made 1 Million Dollar over a phone call was I made a deal with a client to buy a house costs 100 Million Dollars and I got a commission 1%. 1% from 100 Million Dollar is 1 Million Dollar.

Making money is easy if you have mastered the art of the high ticket sales.

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